It’s 4:04am and I likely should be sleeping.  However, I am wrapping up emails, putting together a partnership packet and wondering when in the next 24 hours I am going to research and finish the paper I have due for class on Friday.  The crazy thing? I am unbelievably happy.  There is a sense of sheer joy that comes from building something that is yours, from taking a vision and making it tangible and accessible to other people and impacting their lives in a new way that is unrivaled by possibly anything else.

I was talking with another fellow entrepreneur a few days ago, and we both mentioned how we viewed company building as art, rather than work.  He said “some people are painters, some are composers, I’m a builder.  I create companies.”  I think that’s a great insight; it explains how something can be simultaneously the most difficult and most enjoyable thing I have ever done.

And now back to work.