The Harvard Law Bulletin is featuring Swapfish and the photographer called me today to set up the “photo shoot” for the magazine.  First, the idea of doing a photo shoot makes me smile because it reminds me of the Glamour Shot days of the early ’90s.  I have seen her work in previous issues though, so I am confident that she won’t put me in sequins and Rave hairspray.

However, the thing that excited me most was that during the course of the conversation about backgrounds and outfits, the photographer mentioned how pumped she was for Swapfish and how she could use it with her 5 month-old son.

What followed was a ten minute conversation about how quickly kids grow out of things, how expensive they are, and how she tries to go to resale stores but she drives all the way there just to be frustrated that the store doesn’t have what she is looking for.

Inspiration comes in the most unexpected forms sometimes.  I am so amped by the encouragement we keep receiving!