Last night at the Local H concert there were probably around 150 people packed into a small venue watching the band.  Almost everyone had smartphones and cameras, and the most devout fans would occasionally snap photos or shoot quick videos.  However, with so much jumping and fist pumping going on, it was hard work (trust me- I almost got knocked over once).

I was struck by the opportunity the band had to leverage the 150 people in attendance to spread their music and message.  They had 150 fans, who all liked them enough to pay money to see them, standing there as a captive audience, likely each with a social network of around 500 people. If, at some point in the show, they would have asked everyone to help them make it big by taking out their phones and recording a video or photo of the band and tweet it/facebook it right then, they could have instantly had their music exposed to roughly 75,000 people last night! Multiply that by the 21 shows on their tour, and that’s nearly 1.6 million people who could have heard about Local H. Even assuming a 1% conversion rate, that’s 15,000 new fans!

Companies do this all the time, you go to a website and it prompts you to share to facebook and twitter.  Most of the time, bands will do this on their website as well.  However, visual media is much more powerful than just reading “John bought tickets to Local H”.  In fact, I showed up to the concert because two of my friends had shared a video on their facebook page of Local H awhile back.  Bands should learn from great companies and use their fan base at every moment to share the message.

Plus, that way I could shoot photos of the band while the big guy next to me is also safely using his phone, and not thrashing wildly in my direction. : )