It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and Swapfish has undergone a partial tweaking of the model.  I won’t reveal what we have in the works just yet, but, it disrupts an entire industry– very exciting!

Earlier this week I was sitting in a Starbucks in Boston and had asked the woman next to me if she could glance at a few versions of a product page we were working on and tell me her thoughts.  She was in her late fifties and was a pharmaceutical research consultant.  She had previously been working on a crossword puzzle before I tried to engage her in conversation.  I expected a brief exchange and then us to go back to what we were working on.  What followed instead was a huge motivator…she began asking me about the company and spent probably 20 minutes asking me questions on how it works and telling me how much she needed it right now with the bag of clothes sitting in her trunk.  We stopped talking for awhile, and then she did something really great. As she went to leave, she broke the silence by pulling out a small notepad and pen, and said “I’m really sorry for interrupting you again, but I want to make sure I write this down so I remember to sign up when I get home and tell my daughters about it so they can save their stuff. What is the name of the site again?”

She probably has no idea how much of an impact that had, but it was big.  Doing scripted market and user testing is one thing, but, having someone fall in love with the idea enough to take the time to ask about it a second time, write it down, and then offer to share it is a feeling that never gets old.  Plus, now we have another reason to hit our launch date…Maureen the pharmaceutical research consultant from Boston needs to clean out her closet.  I promised we’d help.

Encouragement comes in the most unlikely places sometimes, but I’m thankful for it.