The average American family has $3300 in extra unused items just sitting around the house.  $3300!!!  This figure has been in our Swapfish pitch deck, promo video, public talks, and I must have said it over and over and over.  But, tonight it just got real for me.

I was combing through my closet in an effort to downsize for moving on Wednesday and realized within an hour that I had 42 pieces of clothing and accessories I no longer wanted.  Some of these were t-shirts (like my student council t-shirt from Sophomore year I’m finally parting with), but mixed in I also had some Brooks Brothers button downs, Banana Republic sweaters, and some fairly expensive purses.  I estimated that my pile was probably about $500 alone- and I was ready to toss it out the door without a second thought.

This is why we are launching Swapfish in three weeks…if those items were sold on Swapfish, that $500 could feed 1200 families in partnership with the Greater Boston Food Bank.  Wow.

We can’t go live soon enough.