I’m a young entrepreneur with a dream to build a company that not only changes the lives of it’s employees, but touches the lives of people everywhere. I’m an artist, dreamer, and perpetual student of life (and currently a student at Harvard Law) with a passion for creating simple, beautiful solutions that bring order to the universe.

I live for adventure, learning, and stepping outside my comfort zone. When not huddled in front of my computer working on distribution, modeling, product design, or in company meetings, I can be found in the audience of the Boston music scene, pouring over social media blogs, learning new songs on my guitar, doing improv comedy, running, learning to snowboard, watching soccer, volunteering for BUILD, reading non-fiction books, and viewing Star Trek and What Not to Wear reruns.

One more thing…I’m blessed with a rockstar business partners, the other team members of Swapfish, who can figure out and execute anything in the most amazingly simple, yet strikingly beautiful way possible, and amazing advisors who are helping turn the Swapfish dream into reality. They never cease to amaze me with their skills and talent!

Thanks for stopping by. Send me a message and let’s change the world together!