I read about an interesting socially entrepreneurial start-up today creating an AARP for twenty-somethings. (You can check them out here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/25/aarp-for-under-30-set-aim_n_840851.html). However, the thing in the article that struck me was the lead-in, stating that one in six twenty-somethings were underemployed, and one in ten had to move back in with their parents.  The article also stated the average 20-something carried $24,o00 in debt.

As a 25 year-old soon-to-be Harvard Law grad launching my own company, I can relate to this statistic.  I have piles of student debt, and am living on hope that I will never end up back in my parents basement (although, free rent while starting a company is always a good thing).

This statistic got me thinking…

The 20-something era is when the majority of parents have their first child (although the age seems to be trending upwards).  A large number of my friends are now having their first, or even second child.  As I think through my friends, some of the brightest, most interesting people I know are underemployed, many of them now with children.  With one out of six twenty-somethings being under-employed, that is a lot of families potentially trying to make ends meet on a less than ideal budget.

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