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Resale-savvy moms

I was excited to see that “resale” was one of the top conversations on CafeMom tonight.  It was fascinating to read the various creative ways moms save money on clothing for their children.  My favorite was the mom who recycled old t-shirts into underwear through a little sewing magic.  Very impressive!



The average family spends $30,000 on “stuff” for their child between the ages of 0-12.  That’s not food or consumables, that just “stuff”, toys, books, games, clothes, bikes, sports equipment, etc.  To put that in perspective, it would look something like this over the child’s lifetime:

The average family’s pile of “stuff ” headed to the landfill would be enough to fill an entire semi-truck!  71% of this could be resold on the secondary market and reused by another child.  So, imagine taking that huge pile of wasted “stuff” above, and reducing it down to this:

It’s an ambitious goal for a company to change lives and save the planet, but, at Swapfish, we dream big.  It makes all the work worth it!